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Welcome to Flight Flash game! Here you can play the best paper plane flight simulator game on the interwebs. Aircrafts which in real life would never go the distance now fly across oceans. We all remember building complex paper planes, afterwards realizing that the most basic designs fly best. Not anymore, these flying machines will reach for the stars! Please take your seat, fasten your seat belt and also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. We are ready for takeoff!

Flight flash games

GAME - Flight Game

Sweet little paper plane flash game. Start out by throwing your paper plane in to the air and try to keep it in flight for as long as you can. Follow the speedy yellow stars for a stardust powered boost! Collect other stars to earn money which you can use to buy upgrades. And you will need many upgrades if you want to make it around the world! Improve airtime by making your paper plane lighter, faster or by adding a rocket booster! Ready for takeoff? You better because time flies in this neat little flash game!

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GAME - Flood Runner Armageddon

Flood runner just got better and epic beyond human sanity in Flood Runner Armageddon! The world is falling apart, fire, destruction and giant waves…can you escape? You must try, and now you can decide how fast you run and how high you fly. Catch on to awesome temporary upgrades like the superman and fly high in to the clouds. In Flood Runner Armageddon all surfaces are different with each having specific qualities and effects. Oh yeah, and monsters, lots of them! Once you are one fire you got to keep running, run…run...ruuuuuuuun!

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GAME - The Flood Runner 2

Run like the wind in The Flood Runner 2! In this flash game you have to run, jump, fly and surf to avoid becoming fish food. The wave is coming faster and faster behind you, try to get away from it while collecting gems. In this game up is the safest place to be so try taking the ramps when you can. Flood Runners looks great and the game play is really easy. Though surviving isn't as the ground gets tougher and slippery because of the oil. Play this game now and see how far you get. Ready, start, run!

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